Hidden Champion: LIVRESQ

LIVRESQ - The authoring tool

We’ve tested LIVRESQ’s intuitive and exciting authoring tool and love it. With the browser-based tool, you create interactive e-learning training using objects to which you assign events and actions. With LIVRESQ, you create sophisticated e-learning experiences of an absolutely new quality.

From our point of view, LIVRESQ fulfills all your needs for creating online learning programs:

LIVRESQ - The software solution for e-learning authors

With LIVRESQ you can develop attractive online learning programs in the shortest possible time and in a completely uncomplicated way. In addition to an intuitive user interface, a whole range of practical tools are provided to facilitate convenient use. Whether you are a beginner or a professional is irrelevant. You can start putting together your own e-learning modules right away. If you don’t have your own design or color themes yet, just use the templates that established e-learning professionals in the community have put together to help you get started. Your users will enthusiastically complete the e-learning modules on offer, and you will achieve lasting learning success.

Functionality combined with usability

LIVRESQ helps you to create e-learning training courses with interactions that are convincing thanks to their outstanding quality in the shortest possible time. Visualize complex contexts in the simplest possible way and at the same time convey them in an understandable form, which contributes to long-term learning success. 

Convince yourself of LIVRESQ, the software tool for e-learning authors.

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