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Sometimes we get asked if it is really necessary to design a whole SCORM module only to ask your users/students some questions or present them with a short quizz after they watched one of your videos for example. The answer is no, you could use the WordPress Quiz plugin for that. Just generate a new quiz with all your questions and paste the shortcode on your page. This also integrates in the CLUEVO learning tree if you paste the code on the Meta Page of the tree element for example.

From their website:
Quiz Maker plugin allows you to create powerful and engaging quizzes, tests, and exams within minutes. This WordPress plugin offers dozens of options to build fully customizable and advanced level exams.  You can build an unlimited number of quizzes and questions. No limit on the count of participants taking the test at the same time.  It has a responsive design and user-friendly interface: your website visitors will love to take your quizzes.“

The Plugin is free and available in the WordPress directory but they also offer fairly priced premium Plans with a onetime charge. If you are interested in setting up some quizzes on your page, go and give it a try.

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